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Christopher & Ellen HUNTINGDON

A Simple Thought

of Sanity

"The City would always be there, but they would never be here again. One day they would look back and see that for once, their present was brighter than the past."

Brutus’ story is a struggle of the mind and the challenges we face in understanding a reality where madness is seen in a simple thought of sanity.

Our Story

Christopher and Ellen Huntingdon are natives of the Oregon Coast. Growing up together in the City of Florence, the two have shared many adventures since, including attending Temple University's Japan Campus, and living four years abroad in Tokyo.

Two bachelor’s degrees later, the pair found themselves returning home to Oregon where they drew further inspiration from their endeavors, which included working and volunteering with their local hospice. Christopher also spent time tromping through the wilderness at a State Park, while Ellen works at a local financial institution. The two are happily married and on most days enjoy the quiet life at home with their fur baby Ornstein. Their life’s experiences have helped them to form their driving maxim as authors:

Strangers in strange lands tell strange tales.

White Walls

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