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A Simple Thought of Sanity

Brutus sees himself as just an average salaryman living in the City. Every day he puts on his alabaster Face and lives the life that is expected of him. He rides the train to work and files and files until it’s time for him to go home and repeat the day.


Unbeknownst to Brutus, he has been picked to be the catalyst that changes the City and the lives of everyone in it. What was a chance occurrence at a café alters the course of his very identity, sending him down a spiral of self-discovery and sanity-inspiring events.


But not all revolutionaries are heroes, and not all revolutions bring about a better age.


Follow Brutus as he discovers how much more there is to living, and the violent consequences that change his world forever, and the generations that follow after.


Brutus’ story is a struggle of the mind and the challenges we face in understanding a reality where madness is seen in a simple thought of sanity.

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coming soon!


In the bizarre world of El-Land, an unlikely hero is found in a bespectacled child with a massive and unflattering bowl-cut.

How can one so small, with such stupey feet and crooky fingers, save the land with song? What does a dog-ific deity named Riley, a bald and cynical Abbit called Porel, a city filled with Weow's, and a closet full of stretchy pants have in common?

Well, maybe one day, you'll find out, if you're not too busy being a smudge in the meantime.

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