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Is it march already?

It’s hard to believe a whole year has passed since we first released A Simple Thought of Sanity!

We couldn’t have made it this far without the support from our family and friends, so before we go any farther, thank you! We cannot express enough gratitude for all the love and encouragement we’ve received.

It truly does take a village to accomplish any meaningful endeavor. We learned that and a lot more over this past year. We learned that random skills and life events—like having a graphic design teacher with a borderline unhealthy typography obsession—sometimes pays off. We learned that navigating the world of publishing is a daunting full-time job in and of itself, and we learned that dogs tend to get justifiably jealous when you spend more time typing on your laptop than you do scratching that perfect spot behind their ear. But most importantly, we learned that sometimes you just have to take a leap and share your story, and that wonderful things can happen from there.

It’s a funny thing, completing a story and leaving behind the characters to fend for themselves in the pages you’ve created for them, but we couldn’t be prouder of Brutus and the journey he’s taken. We hope it will be revisited and enjoyed for years to come.



Even though A Simple Thought of Sanity has come to a close, we’re still busy writing and making progress with our next project, which we’re lovingly referring to as, Ellen in Puzantium.

Looking back on where we were one year ago, our exceptionally optimistic hope was to have something to share or, dare we even thought to say, publish by this time. Well…let’s just say we counted our chickens and they still haven’t hatched. In fact, we keep adding eggs to the pile, making a real nest of confusion, so who knows what will blossom from there (eggs blossom, right?)

What we had originally planned to present as a fun little short trilogy has grown into something a little different. At over 150,000 words—albeit woefully under-edited words—we’re estimating that we’re a little over halfway through with what we originally planned to be only the first book of the series, and we’re finding that the people of Puzantium still have a lot left to say. They just won’t stop talking, actually. It’s a little overwhelming at times.

As Ellen’s Uncle Jack once wisely informed, “you’re not f-ing Tolstoy,” and boy do we agree with that, Jack. While Ellen in Puzantium will certainly never live up to War and Peace, we are having a hilariously good time writing it and we can only hope the hours we’ve spent cracking each other up may at the very least elicit a small chuckle here and there from our future readers.

Follow our blog here at and our Facebook page for spasmodic updates. Thank you again for your support and encouragement as we continue to navigate through this journey, and hopefully, have something fun to share with you in the end.

—CE Huntingdon


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