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What comes next

We really can't thank everyone enough who's supported us and whose kind words have kept us going. We appreciate so much those who have taken the time to read our work and are so grateful that so many of you have liked it so far.

We know A Simple Thought of Sanity isn't the easiest subject to swallow, especially in such a trying and stressful time. So we thought, if we are going to do this again and write another book, we should have some fun with it!

So, without further ado, please allow us to introduce Ellen in Puzantium.

In the bizarre world of Puzantium, an unlikely hero is found in a bespectacled child with a massive and unflattering bowl-cut. How can one so small, with such stupey feet and crooky fingers, save the land with song? What does a dog-ific deity named Riley, a bald and cynical Abbit called Porel, a city filled with Weow's, and a closet full of stretchy pants have in common? Well, maybe one day, you'll find out, if you're not too busy being a smudge in the meantime.

But what does that really all mean? It means we're writing! Yay! But really, we hope to bring you all a fun, exciting, and different look at the usual theme of fantasy. Though, maybe that's setting ourselves up for too much. Maybe you should just expect the usual fantasy, and then you'll be happily surprised when it's different.

We hope by this time next year, we'll have something for you to look at. In the meantime, we thought, what better way to get to know the world and the characters than through the age-old art of funny pictures.

Sporadically, we hope to bring you little slices of the main characters so that you might get to know them a little bit better before you have a chance to fully meet them in our new book.

Thus, we give you... Apple Soup Snack:


Again, we really can't thank you all enough! Have a pleasant day, and we hope to see you again soon.

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